New on Skye: Introducing Elysium Skye, a Luxurious Clifftop Retreat for Two

Introducing Elysium Skye: A Cozy Clifftop Retreat Awaits

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Skye, Chasing The Moon has long welcomed families and friends seeking adventure and connection in this magical landscape. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a new retreat, designed especially for those yearning for an intimate and luxurious escape: Elysium Skye.

Award Winning Design

Born from the vision of award-winning architects Dualchas, renowned for their ability to seamlessly blend contemporary design with respect for the natural world, Elysium Skye offers a haven for couples and solo travellers seeking privacy, luxury, and the raw beauty of the Skye coastline.

Unveiling Elysium Skye:

Imagine waking up to the sun gilding over the landscape beyond your window, the scent of fresh sea air filling your senses from the ocean below. This is the daily reality at Elysium Skye, where the expansive windows frame a mesmerizing panorama of wild waters and rugged cliffs. Step outside onto your private patio and breathe in the salty air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Within, the cozy space is designed to nurture intimacy and relaxation. A plush bed invites you to sink into comfort, while the cleverly disguised projector transforms your evenings into intimate cinema experiences.

Every detail, from the sustainable clay walls to the locally sourced birch panelling, whispers of luxury and environmental consciousness.

Privacy Within Reach:

While Elysium Skye promises seclusion and tranquillity, it exists in harmonious dialogue with its surroundings. Nestled at a comfortable distance from Chasing The Moon, both properties celebrate their independence while offering guests distinct experiences. You can enjoy the solitude of Elysium Skye, knowing that larger groups and families find their joy in the spacious comfort of Chasing The Moon. For extended family gatherings or close-knit groups, the possibility of booking both properties opens a door to shared laughter and memories made together.

How Elysium looks from Chasing The Moon

Peace and Quiet Within

The thoughtful design, characterized by a lack of windows facing the other property, guarantees absolute privacy, allowing you to fully embrace the peace and quiet of your surroundings.

Awaken Your Senses:

Whether you’re seeking quiet moments of reflection by the window or invigorating walks along the clifftop paths, Elysium Skye beckons you to immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Skye. Explore hidden coves, marvel at the majesty of the Quiraing, or simply walk out to Brothers Point, listening to the rhythm of the waves. This is a place to reconnect with nature, with yourself, and with your loved one.

Register your interest for booking updates and be among the first to experience the magic of Elysium Skye. This clifftop sanctuary awaits, ready to embrace you with its breathtaking views, luxurious comfort, and the promise of unforgettable moments on the Isle of Skye. Visit our website and fill out our contact form for more information and let the journey begin.

We will be open for bookings from March 2024 but please contact us if wish to register your interest or have any questions….

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