COVID-19 Good to Go Policy


February 23, 2021

 Covid Re-opening Good to Go Policy

We re-opened Chasing The Moon Skye when the Scottish government advised it was safe to do so on 26th April 2021. We have spent some time making sure we are ready to implement new safety measures and to do some things differently over the coming months as we continue to play our part in safeguarding against covid-19.

In this new post-covid era, we have added to our already excellent cleaning standards to assure you as prospective guests that our cottage is as safe as possible. We are always aiming to maintain the highest housekeeping standards. All cleaning before guests arrive must adhere to Government cleaning protocols to minimise risk to yourselves, our housekeeping team and our local community.

We’ve used the best of cleaning guidance available to us, but we are acutely aware of the negative impact using ammonia’s and disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite-based cleaners can have on the environment, in particular to the marine life in the area. So with this in mind we use eco-friendly alternatives such as steam cleaners that are less toxic and more effective, together with certified eco-friendly products.

Our main goal is to ensure maximum safety for you and offer a positive experience and a comfortable holiday. Hospitality is adapting to new circumstances, where the highest health standards and the necessary social distance must be guaranteed. We are committed to doing our best to keep eco-friendly Cleaning & Disinfecting in accordance with sustainable and healthy foundations, for our greener future!

Although Skye has seen few cases, the COVID pandemic moved it into tier 4 lockdown for some weeks. All the islands remain cautious in re-opening and adjusting to these constantly changing times and we are therefore operating in a responsible way by being sensitive to the local community. We ask for your understanding as we get used to it all. Our Cancellation terms are as flexible as we can make them to do the right thing for our guests and our local community as travel restrictions change.

This year more than any other, you have a part to play in helping everything run smoothly by respecting local customs, the islands’ environment, and the latest Scottish Government guidance while out and about. The beaches, mountains, moors, hills and coast will be open as always but tourist facilities, restaurants, activities and attractions will be operating under restrictions or may not re-open at all.

But, we remain very happy to help guests however we can in planning your holiday so you enjoy your stay in Skye to the full. You will still get a warm welcome, albeit from a social distance!

Chasing The Moon Holiday Cottage, May 2021

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