the isle of skye
(An t-Eilean Sgitheanach)

Come and see what makes the Island so special and why so many people favour it as a holiday destination….

‘Listen to the silence. Be still. Let your soul catch up’-  A Scottish Proverb

Skye – A Glorious Utopia in Every Season

There’s so Much to Explore and Discover…

The largest and possibly most well-known of Scotland’s Hebridean islands, the Isle of Skye is a world-famous holiday destination. Blessed with a glorious landscape, rich with wildlife and offering countless opportunities for adventure, the Isle of Skye is the ideal place to visit.

Dominated by the Cuillin mountains, and with dramatic peninsulas ranging across the island, you’re never far from stunning views, great walking routes or spectacular beaches. In fact, the Isle of Skye boasts a dramatic and varied coastline, much of it remains largely undiscovered by visitors. It’s a perfect place for those who like to explore.

But a visit to Skye isn’t all about the natural scenery, glorious as it is. There’s a thriving cultural heritage to immerse yourself in and some exquisite traditional crafting to see and experience. Some fabulous restaurants, historical sites and picturesque villages all add to the unique experience of a visit to the Isle of Skye.

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Skye’s Lost Giants: In Pursuit of Prehistoric Footprints

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New on Skye: Introducing Elysium Skye, a Luxurious Clifftop Retreat for Two

Feel the sun warm your skin as you step onto the private patio of Elysium Skye. Breathe in the salty air, letting it fill your lungs with the essence of the wild seascape. This is a place where nature whispers through the wind, where the symphony of waves becomes your lullaby. Inside, the cozy space invites you to unwind. Sink into the plush bed, lose yourself in a good book, or lose track of time watching a movie on the cleverly disguised projector. Unplug, reconnect, and awaken your senses. Elysium Skye is your invitation to embrace the magic of Skye, to listen to the stories of the wind, and to discover the peace that lies within.

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COVID-19 Good to Go Policy

 Covid Re-opening Good to Go Policy We re-opened Chasing The Moon Skye when the Scottish government advised it was safe to do so on 26th April 2021. We have spent some time making sure we are ready to implement new safety measures and to do some things differently...

Skye’s Stunning Scenery

Inspiring Mountain Ranges and Beautiful Beaches

The Isle of Skye is rightly admired for its mountain ranges, from the Sleat Peninsula in the south up to the Trotternish Peninsula in the north-east of the island, not too far from Chasing The Moon. Why not walk through the foothills of the Cuillins and scale famous landmarks like The Old Man of Storr before experiencing the thrilling views of the Quiraing?

The rugged beauty of Skye’s coastline is inspiring whatever the weather. You could start your visit at Brother’s Point and join the search for dinosaur footprints whilst enjoying uninterrupted views of Raasay. Alternatively, enjoy the scenery and head west to the windswept Talisker Beach or admire the views at Bearreraig Bay.

Skye’s Cultural Heritage

Around a third of Skye’s residents speak Gaelic, so you’re sure to find yourself quickly immersed in the island’s cultural traditions. One of the most famous of these is Skye’s musical heritage, with pipes, accordions and fiddles still a vibrant part of the folk scene.

Weaving has long been a traditional occupation on the Isle of Skye, and today forms the foundations of a thriving arts and crafts culture. Enjoy discovering a wealth of original ceramics and jewelry-making too, with artists frequently inspired by the Hebridean landscape.

“Words cannot express how much we have enjoyed our stay at Chasing The Moon… Spectacular views, amazing house and peaceful surroundings have made this a holiday our family will never forget! Thank you very to Maggie for the wonderful welcome, gifts, attention to detail Avery responsive to any questions we had. We can’t wait to come back. – Scott, Inga, Erin, Logan and Poppy the dog, 3 May 2021

Wildlife to Look Out For

The Isle of Skye is home to a wide range of some of Britain’s most sought-after wildlife. The tremendous variations in the landscape and the proximity of the coast offer homes to an abundance of animals, many of whom are rarely seen elsewhere in the UK. It’s a sanctuary for red squirrels and pine martens, and a popular destination for bird watchers, naturalists and anyone wanting to see these inspiring creatures in their natural environment. Here are some suggestions for wildlife to look out for.

Sea Eagle

The sea eagle is the largest bird of prey in Britain. Most commonly found nesting in the cliffs near Portree, these birds have survived the threat of extinction and now thrive on Skye.


Bottle-nosed and common dolphins frequent the waters around the Isle of Skye. It’s highly likely you’ll catch sight of a pod whilst you are walking the coastline, and even a ‘super-pod’ in the summer.

Red Deer

The largest land mammal in the UK, the iconic red deer can be found in significant numbers on Skye. You can see them all year round, but they graze on lower ground in the winter months.


Majestic minke whales can be seen regularly off the coast of Skye, most commonly between May and October. Humpback whales and orcas can also be seen from Rubha Hunish and Waternish Point.


Common and grey seals make their homes in the sea lochs and bays around Skye. See them from Dunvegan Castle or take a boat trip and see them up close in their natural environment.

Golden Eagle

This reclusive bird of prey nests in the cliffs around Skye. With a wingspan of up to 8 feet, you are most likely to see this powerful raptor in the skies, hunting for mice, rabbits and even lambs!

Things to Do on Skye

Once you’ve explored the landscape, there are plenty of other things to do on Skye. From a visit to the famous Talisker Distillery to sea fishing, coasteering or joining a ceilidh, there’s something here for everyone.

Eating Out

Skye is home to a wide range of quality eateries, from local pubs to restaurants offering some mouth-watering fine dining opportunities. Experience some local specialties and get a true taste of Skye with our handy guide.

Don’t Forget to Plan Ahead

The Isle of Skye is a peaceful place, but the more popular locations can get busy. It’s worth searching out some of the lesser-known walking routes that are just as breathtaking as their more popular neighbours.

Investing in good guidebook is a great way to start planning for your trip. Alternatively, you can use the guides provided at Chasing The Moon or check out our blog to find out more about the stunning attractions the Isle of Skye has to offer.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Coronavirus There is currently a lot of attention around cancellation policies due to Coronavirus and how it affects...

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